Friday, December 24, 2010

show the 29th in charlotte.
2nd to last local show of the year for queen city

gimme them bills

so you can buy everything that we have left from tour, including the expensive version of "Kansas", where the label donates all the money.

tour was good. Bobby, Stew, and I spent $70 on a fucking trip to Denny's because we were in Jacksonville, where everything is closed at exactly 2:00 am. In Gainesville we conquered the zilla. We also stayed in a model home one night.

Chronic Youth continue to be one of the best bands in the entire world. Nazi Dust are back and possibly better than before. Volcanic Slut should tour the southeast right now. Hawks should continue to put out records until the day Mike is put in a retirement home. Wymyns Prysyn kill almost ever other atl band.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

second press

You can buy the 2nd press of these lp's from us on tour:

we're also going to have the breast cancer covers. 100% of the price of the lp goes to breast cancer fund. Gus's sister is really sick, so we're doing something small to help out.

lp's will be online after we get back

Check out the Brain F(notequalto) camp for their first 7", which is now in the states. Not to be outdone, their 2nd 7" test was just approved.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Florida tur

12/17- Atlanta -Highland iinn ballroom -GLEN IRIS, WYMYNS PRYSYN
12/18- Gainesville - Junkyard - HAWKS, CHRONIC YOUTH
12/19- Tampa (early show) - Transitions - INJ/SYS, LANDBRIDGE
12/19- Tampa (late show) - Unit 19 - HAWKS, NAZI DUST
12/20- Jacksonville - Shanty Town Pub - VOLCANIC SLUT

Monday, December 6, 2010

Recess Fest 2010

Zach and co. have done a lot of work to put this on. Friends from all over are making the trip to Charlotte for this one-

Our show-

Lunchbox Records
Thy Mighty Contract - (band I'm most excited to see)
Pullman Strike

That night Young and In The Way replaced Brain F on the Snug Harbor bill, because they're recording an lp! good weekend, and it's TEN DOLLARS to get a pass for the whole weekend.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Playing Florida in a few weeks. Get off work, quit school, don't go home for xmas.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


"Kansas" is gone. Permanent records has them for sale on their online store, and Lunchbox Records has them in store (locals only). There are two more distros that have them, and when I find the links I'll put them up
Maybe there will be more records. Maybe not.

Short winter tour in support of nothing happening in December. Local show at the end of the year with some of my favorite bands from the queen city.

there's a chance scott will sell some to you if you email lunchbox.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

neon bludies

this is tonight in charlotte. Grids isn't playing, but it's a show worth going to.
You all know you dug the cult ritual records, don't front.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

GRIDS "Kansas" LP

Record will be out in time for fest. We'll be at fest. art------

100 copies. More like 85 will be sold.

stay here for details

Monday, October 11, 2010

Off rex

There's nothing good about looking at the past-
These are all records that have had a proper release-

White Walls

Recorded by Bo White in early Spring of 2010. Released by Sam and Faith on Ink Blot records in July. I believe 300 were pressed. This record was recorded on a Sunday afternoon in Yau Haus. We did the vocals later that week. Some of the noise on this record was made by a Gristlizer, and some was made from a cassette tape I use to carry around recording people. We played with both of those things live around the period this was recorded and released. I think this was the first time our live sound was captured by a recording. I think the label still has a few.
1. Locals Only
2. Bonnie
3. Home By Ten
4. Allergies
5. Erotic Love
6. Gone Soft


First Year of Garbage and B-Sides cs

This was the second release on StatueStory Tapes. Recordings from all over the place. There were 100 copies, and I think a few distros still have them.
1. My Own Parts (demo version)
2. Rebel Girls (demo version)
3. Brain Drain (demo)
4. ?
5. Suits (demo)
6. Sinner (demo)
7. Sinker (demo)
8. My Own Parts (live)


Grids 7"

This was recorded with Jeremy Snyder. Scott Wishart at Lunchbox Records decided to put it out. This would be the first 7" he would successfully put out without the band breaking up shortly after. I think there are 500 of these. I like 2 of the songs on this record, but could do without the other one. I think the record sounds too much like "Shot", but that's just me.
1. Suits
2. Maebe
3. My Own Parts

DOWNLOAD (thanks icoulddietomorrow)

Riot Girls cs

This was recorded with Jeremy Snyder at Threshing Floor. We scrapped the rest of this recording session because we hated how it sounded. Bo White put this out on Kinnikinnik records. There are 100 copies floating around, and all of them are gone as far as I know.
1. Suck My Left One
2. Rebel Girl



There's nothing good about looking at the past-
These are all records that never had a proper release. There's a reason for most of that...

Live At The Mall

This has never been released. Someone recorded it with one of those little recording things. Sound isn't perfect. We were asked to play some thing at Urban Outfitters the day before or day after christmas. Somewhere around there. It was absurd. Thirst Porn played along with us, but it's almost inaudible. I've always tried my best to play weird places. Brain F played a grocery store last week, so they are winning right now.
1. Bonnie
2. Suits
3. My Own Parts
4. Gone Soft
5. Allergies
6. Home By Ten


Kansas Demo

The ENTIRE "Kansas" lp recorded live, in one try. I think the order of some of the songs was switched when we decided to press it, but fuck I don't think we could do this again. I think Rick recorded this with a pocket recorder hanging from the ceiling of the space.
1. Wet Walls
2. My Own Parts
3. Locals Only
4. Kansas
5. Ol California
6. Headache
7. Friends
8. B. Straus
9. Drilling


Live at 201212

Joe elmore held a mic so that rick could record these while he was playing guitar. This show was with Chronic Youth, Carbs, and Great Architect. The deal was, this venue couldn't do shows for very long, so the bands played for 2 hours straight with no set up or break down time. Gus made some covers and burned some cd's and we gave some copies of these away. There is another great live recording that Wiggins did of our show in Atl, but we can't find it anywhere.
1. Wet Walls
2. Bonnie
3. My Own Parts
4. Suits
5. Allergies
6. Home By Ten
7. Kansas


Unreleased Recording

We recorded in April 2009 at a studio, but weren't happy with it, and we wanted to put out an lp instead of another 7". One of these tracks went on the tape, and a few of these songs never saw the light of day. We're all really happy they never came out.
1. Athens
2. Bonnie
3. Gone Soft
4. Brain Drain
5. Old California


Sunday, October 3, 2010

chalrotte shows -

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

end tour.

Tour ended.
Lots of people saw shows and bought records, and Taylor Knox played a meeeen drum.

LP Release this thursday:

Partial People


Friday, July 2, 2010

LP's came in. We will have some for tour, hopefully we'll have some left over for our record release show...

Monday, June 28, 2010


These are the dates we'll be on tour as far as I can tell -

July 9 (Friday) - Greensboro - Seven Day Weekend 1313 Grove St Greensboro NC w/ Pink Flag Raving Knaves
*July 10 (Saturday) - Greenville - Spazz House w/ The Men
July 11 (Sunday) - Baltimore - Ottobar w/ Yukon, and Pfisters
*July 12 (Monday) - death by audio w/ white suns & Pollution
July 13 (Tuesday) - we are going to hang out
July 14 (Wednesday) - Providence - AS220 w/ So Cow (Ireland) and Panther Moderns
July 15 (Thursday) - Delaware - house - 30 prospect, newark de
July 16 (Friday) - Charlottesville - The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative w/ Worn In Red, Sharkopath, and After Colony
July 17 (Saturday) - Asheville

LP in my hands tomorrow.

if any charlotte people read this, rob decided he hated having free time and did this:
charlotte shows blog

Bobby can't play drums for those dates, so Taylor Knox from yardwork learned all of his parts. He learned them all really fast, but I'll miss making eye contact with my man.

we all got sunburned.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


On account of fucked-up-edness, the GRIDS PARTY PATROL hasn't updated this blog in long time.

Grids summer tour, etc:

GRIDS east coast summer tour, records, tapes, etc. etc.

we still need some help with a couple dates

July 9 (Friday) - Greensboro
*July 10 (Saturday) - Richmond
*July 11 (Sunday) - Baltimore
July 12 (Monday) - NYC
July 13 (Tuesday) - NYC
July 14 (Wednesday) - Providence
*July 15 (Thursday) - Philly
July 16 (Friday) - Charlottesville
July 17 (Saturday) - Raleigh
July 18 (Sunday) - drugs

Shit we still have:

"The First Year Of Garbage and Noise" cs
a bunch of fucked up scrapped tracks, live songs, and noise that made up 11 months.


buy both of those:
lunchbox records

Stuff coming out:

order here:
inkblot records

ps. we are going to have some cheap shirts for sale sometime this week. spring-fucking-cleaning my friends.



Art by Kelly Keith and Ben Gelnett
Music by Twin Stumps, Soft Parts, and Grids

Charlottes Arts Catalyst sponsored.

It's all there, all for the taking. Have fun.

twin stumps 5-2 small