Friday, December 24, 2010

show the 29th in charlotte.
2nd to last local show of the year for queen city

gimme them bills

so you can buy everything that we have left from tour, including the expensive version of "Kansas", where the label donates all the money.

tour was good. Bobby, Stew, and I spent $70 on a fucking trip to Denny's because we were in Jacksonville, where everything is closed at exactly 2:00 am. In Gainesville we conquered the zilla. We also stayed in a model home one night.

Chronic Youth continue to be one of the best bands in the entire world. Nazi Dust are back and possibly better than before. Volcanic Slut should tour the southeast right now. Hawks should continue to put out records until the day Mike is put in a retirement home. Wymyns Prysyn kill almost ever other atl band.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

second press

You can buy the 2nd press of these lp's from us on tour:

we're also going to have the breast cancer covers. 100% of the price of the lp goes to breast cancer fund. Gus's sister is really sick, so we're doing something small to help out.

lp's will be online after we get back

Check out the Brain F(notequalto) camp for their first 7", which is now in the states. Not to be outdone, their 2nd 7" test was just approved.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Florida tur

12/17- Atlanta -Highland iinn ballroom -GLEN IRIS, WYMYNS PRYSYN
12/18- Gainesville - Junkyard - HAWKS, CHRONIC YOUTH
12/19- Tampa (early show) - Transitions - INJ/SYS, LANDBRIDGE
12/19- Tampa (late show) - Unit 19 - HAWKS, NAZI DUST
12/20- Jacksonville - Shanty Town Pub - VOLCANIC SLUT

Monday, December 6, 2010

Recess Fest 2010

Zach and co. have done a lot of work to put this on. Friends from all over are making the trip to Charlotte for this one-

Our show-

Lunchbox Records
Thy Mighty Contract - (band I'm most excited to see)
Pullman Strike

That night Young and In The Way replaced Brain F on the Snug Harbor bill, because they're recording an lp! good weekend, and it's TEN DOLLARS to get a pass for the whole weekend.