Wednesday, May 19, 2010


On account of fucked-up-edness, the GRIDS PARTY PATROL hasn't updated this blog in long time.

Grids summer tour, etc:

GRIDS east coast summer tour, records, tapes, etc. etc.

we still need some help with a couple dates

July 9 (Friday) - Greensboro
*July 10 (Saturday) - Richmond
*July 11 (Sunday) - Baltimore
July 12 (Monday) - NYC
July 13 (Tuesday) - NYC
July 14 (Wednesday) - Providence
*July 15 (Thursday) - Philly
July 16 (Friday) - Charlottesville
July 17 (Saturday) - Raleigh
July 18 (Sunday) - drugs

Shit we still have:

"The First Year Of Garbage and Noise" cs
a bunch of fucked up scrapped tracks, live songs, and noise that made up 11 months.


buy both of those:
lunchbox records

Stuff coming out:

order here:
inkblot records

ps. we are going to have some cheap shirts for sale sometime this week. spring-fucking-cleaning my friends.

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